Upper Delaware Real Estate has land, homes, houses and riverfront for sale in Deposit NY.

Deposit is a town in Delaware County, NY and also a village, of which half is located in Delaware County, NY and half in Broome County, NY. Deposit was originally taken out of the Town of Tompkins, Delaware County, NY.

Flowing through Deposit is the West Branch Delaware River, flowing to and through the Cannonsville Reservoir, which supplies New York City with drinking water. This great impoundment, 95 billion gallons to to be exact, is what makes the West Branch one of the most popular wild trout fisheries in the eastern US.

Other notable aspects of Deposit include:

  • Oquaga Creek State Park, which has a 55 acre lake open for swimming, boating and camping, and
  • Arctic State Forest, nearly 3,000 acres surrounding Oquaga Creek State Park, available for hiking and hunting.
  • West Branch Delaware River, with many public access points, world famous trout fishing and also good for canoeing  and kayaking.