One Acre of Paradise in Low-Tax Tompkins

One Acre of Paradise in Low-Tax Tompkins
Property Details
  • Bedrooms / Bathrooms
  • Listing price: $19,900
  • Address: Dryden Rd
  • Acreage: 1.25 Acres
Land Info
  • Lot size: 1.25 Acres
  • Field: Mowed grass lot
  • Water: no
  • Sewer: no
  • Electric: yes
  • Frontage: 200 +/-
  • Recreational Water? off
Building Info
Other Features
  • Personal Property Included: off
  • Utilities: lines run through property
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    One Acre of Paradise in Low-Tax Tompkins NY




    Discover the ideal opportunity for a remarkable real estate investment! This expansive one-acre-plus parcel is nestled within the serenity of a tranquil rural setting. It enjoys the distinct advantage of year-round accessibility via a meticulously maintained town road.

    Upon arrival, you’ll find a driveway that gracefully meanders up the landscape, leading you to a meticulously groomed and perfectly positioned site where your dream home can come to life. This carefully chosen location offers a harmonious blend of privacy and convenience.

    In terms of utilities, you’ll be pleased to know that essential lines are conveniently routed through the lower section of the property. This thoughtful provision sets the stage for a seamless and hassle-free construction process, making your dream home closer to reality.

    Nestled in the sought-after, low-tax haven of Tompkins, this parcel presents a unique and advantageous prospect for those seeking to establish their own sanctuary. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to create the home you’ve always envisioned in a peaceful, low-tax haven. It’s time to make your real estate dreams a reality at this exquisite location!