GREAT AMERICAN DEMOLISHED – to make way for Town Square

At approximately 10am this morning, the first blows were levelled on the old Great American grocery store building in the center of town and, within an hours time, more than half of the building lay in a heap. Gorick Construction of Binghamton, the winning bidder on the project, had a crew of men working dilligently throughout the day.

Even before demolition began, a crowd amassed and braved sub-freezing temperatures as many reminisced, took pictures and simply watched. Stories and comments filled the air of the past businesses and the people that worked at them: Great American, Victory, American Hotel, Emerich’s Esso; Dave Mattice, Bob Forrester, Louise Fish and on and on. But the memories of yesterday are making way for the progress of tomorrow, a NormanRockwell-esque Town Square.

Members of the Hancock Partners were there, too, including Jerry DaBrescia, Mike Argiros and Chris Gross. They cited the long, long time it took to bring this project to this point, but gave assurances that bringing it to fruition will be much quicker. Plans for the Town Square are currently being drawn by Landscape Arcitect Dave Lepro and reviewed by the Partners. A finished product, it is hoped, will be in place by the end of this summer. The Hancock Partners, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation and is sustained, in large part, by donations from benefactors. To support the Hancock Partners work, visit and make a tax deductible donation today.