Hancock Partners, Inc. purchase Great American Lot

The long awaited closing of the real estate transaction between the Hancock Partners, Inc. and C&S RE of Hancock, LLC occured December 9th, with The Partners purchasing the former Great American grocery store building in the center of the Village of Hancock. According to Jerry DaBrescia, President of the Partners, the building will be demolished in the very near future. At the same time, plans are being developed for the creation of a Town Square to replace it. DaBrescia stated “The idea of a Town Square is reinforced by studies of Hancock, like the Tourism Report for Hancock by Syracuse University and the Hancock Economic and Community Development Plan by Planit Main Street, Inc . Both studies expressly identify the Great American property as the site that would create the most significant impact.” Chris Gross, Secretery of the Partners added “The reasoning is partly beautification, but mostly job creation. By making Hancock more attractive, it will bring in more people, or at least retain more people. Tourism as an industry is a theme, but the idea of making Hancock more attractive to an employer, that’s most important.”

So in the future, keep an eye out for a rendition of the future Square. The Partners have commissioned David Lepro, a Hancock Central School graduate and long time professional Landscape Architect, to illustrate their vision and plan for the future Town Square.

Hancock Partners, Inc. was formed by Jerry DaBrescia, Ron DeLuca Russell Bass and Chris Gross in the winter of 2003. They were soon joined by Mike Argiros, Dave Theleman and Bruce Edwards. Hancock Partners, Inc. is a non-profit, 501c New York State Corporation dedicated to foster and promote the economic and social growth of the Greater Hancock, New York area. To learn more about the Hancock Partners or to make a tax-deductible donation, go to www.hancocknewyork.com.