Old Time Band at Town Square

It’s time to strike up the band — the Bainbridge Old Time Band that is. There will be musical history in the air when the 20-musician band performs this Saturday night, August 3rd at the new Hancock Town Square.

That history will come in several forms for concert-goers. The most obvious will come from the type of music that the band plays. In keeping with its name, the band literally plays old-time music. Reed Baker, a long-time band member, said most of the music comes from the early 1900s. The musical repertoire includes marches, waltzes, Dixieland and other popular music of the era.

Official band records date the organization back to 1926, and the band’s charter pushes that date back until 1914, when two bands, probably one from the fire department and another from the village, formed the Bainbridge band.

Bring your own chair and join us on the Square, this Saturday night at 7 PM!