One of the finishing touches to the new Town Square was erected recently- a beautiful new iron sign. The entirely hand-made archway is approximately 15 feet tall and 20′ wide and was designed and built by Craft Fabricators of Hackettstown, NJ. The original idea of some sort of sign originated in the first design of the square by landscape architect Dave Lepro. Then, over the next two years, the Hancock Partners collaborated with Chris Smith, owner of Craft Fabricators (, and Smith’s wife Agnieszka, to perfect the design of what you see today. “It was a pleasure to work with Craft Fabricators”, said Chris Gross, a member of the Board of Directors of the Hancock Partners. “From design to installation, they remained professional and helped to bring our vision to reality.”

The Gateway Arch succinctly says it all: “Town Square. Hancock New York. Gateway to the Upper Delaware”. Within minutes of installation, visitors were already posing in front of the sign to have their picture taken and nearly every weekend the same thing happens. The entire square is already a drawing card, as it was intended. The arch will be considered complete once the stone piers are built and lights are installed atop the artwork, scheduled to be completed in the next few weeks.